The Staff at Village Ministries International

VMI has an in-office staff of four in Oklahoma City consisting of Drue Freeman, Director of Publications; Charlie Stillion, Director of Ministries; Marilee Stillion, Office Manager; and myself, CEO.

Dan Hawkins
Lori, AJ and I are extremely excited that God has called us back to VMI. We come, not with an agenda or a cause but with a willingness to serve and be used any way our Heavenly Father sees fit. As of May 27th, 2011, I officially joined the Board of Directors and was appointed Interim CEO.

For those of you who may not know our background, God the Father used our family to serve VMI from 1997 to 2002. Since then He has placed us at two other ministries, and for the last three years, we have been back at our family business in Tulsa, just 90 miles up the road from the VMI office. It may seem that being with three ministries over a period of about eleven years is a lot of moving around, but God has used us like “utility players.” For those of you who might not recognize it, “utility players” is a baseball term (we are a baseball family, as AJ plays college baseball) for players who are prepared to play any position and ready any time the need arises. That’s a good description of the Father’s preparation of our lives. We have always tried our best to be ready whenever He calls and look to Him to work through us. Coming back to VMI has caused us great thanksgiving. It is truly a blessing that He has brought us full circle.

Drue Freeman
Director of Publications
The Great Commission involves making disciples as well as evangelism, and very early in this ministry, it became apparent that there was a need for a book to educate Christians in the fundamentals of the faith and give them the necessary tools to study and interpret Scripture. To meet this need, Foundations was written by Drue Freeman, with valuable input and assistance from Dan Hawkins and Jody Brown. Translation work is either underway or has been completed in about 30 different languages with over 80,000 copies printed and distributed worldwide. Drue now maintains contact with those who are led to translate Foundations and follows the task through the process of proofreading and printing in each country, while also serving as pastor or Trinity Bible Church in Oklahoma City.

Charlie Stillion
Director of Ministries
Dr. Charlie is a veterinarian who sold his practice in 2004 so that he and his wife Marilee could move to Oklahoma to become part of VMI.  He previously served in a purely volunteer capacity as regional director for Africa where he made many mission trips. Charlie’s responsibility is to maintain contact with all of our missionaries in order to find out their needs and encourage them.  He has an essential role in planning short-term mission trips and has led teams all over the world. He loves to teach others the Word of God.

Marilee Stillion
Office Manager
Marilee is the glue that seems to keep things together. She handles the basic accounting, assures that monthly support gets to our missionaries and oversees the volunteers. She also puts together the monthly newsletter that so many of you appreciate.  In addition to these things, she keeps track of all of the team and staff itineraries and assures that copies of Foundations, information folders, and the gospel coins get sent to the right places.

Sharon Delaney
Sharon Delaney has done VMI’s accounting for several years from wherever her motor home landed. In 2007 she made Oklahoma City her permanent residence but continues to travel. Sharon assures that all funds received by VMI are recorded correctly and spent as designated.  She sees that the payroll is handled correctly and that the required IRS forms are accurate and sent in a timely manner. Sharon also volunteers as backup office manager. In addition she edits and formats Bible study materials prior to publication.

God continues to provide volunteers to assist the operations of VMI. These volunteers are valuable in that they help with mailing books, coins and brochures to those who have requested them. Many others have helped on an as-needed basis, including the back-breaking work of getting 280 cases of books up to the second floor office. There are also mission-minded people all over the country who tell others about the mission to which VMI has been called.